How to find an apartment in Copenhagen?

apartment in Copenhagen

If you’re an international student then KBH Kollegier is a good place to start. Take a look at their Facebook page or website where they gather information about dorms in Copenhagen. They charge a monthly fee for helping you with finding a dorm, so in order to save money you may contact the dorms directly.

Finding an apartment in Copenhagen is very difficult and the process itself can be fairly expensive. This is mainly because there is often a monthly fee associated with making an account on apartment portals. In many cases you may have to pay 200-300 DKK just to be added to a waiting list for apartments. Our best advice is to try out all the free services before you start paying either to be added to a waiting list or to make an account on one of the many apartment portals found online.

You may take a look at the different apartment portals and services such as:

HousingDenmark, Findbolig, and Akutbolig are free to use, so check these out first. A third solution may be to look for apartment ads in newspapers such as Den Blå Avis. If you are planning to stay in Denmark for a longtime, you may want to consider adding your name to the waiting list. With both Vibo and Lejerbo the cost is 200 DKK, but keep in mind it can take anywhere from one to five years before they offer you an apartment.

When should you start searching for an apartment?
The best time to start apartment searching is as soon as you start thinking about your move; in this way you can make the best possible decision to meet your needs. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a place quite soon and begin focusing on other things. Make the process as quick and effective as possible.

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