How to find an apartment in Odense?

apartment in Odense

You can find an apartment in Odense in different ways.

If you’re a student, you can either ask the university for help or start looking at different websites such as Studiebolig Odense. You’ll find a lot of good apartments and dorms there. They specialize in helping young people find apartments, so the possibility that you find something which meets your needs should be good.

One of the unique things about the University of Southern Denmark is that they have guaranteed housing for their exchange students. If you haven’t found an apartment or dorm by yourself, the university will provide a room for you, though you will still pay for it.

If you’re not an exchange student at the University of Southern Denmark, you can still contact them when it comes to housing. They have many contacts and, from time to time, have unused apartments which are available for anybody to rent.

Other apartment sites to visit:

Besides the three websites above there are also:

If you find other websites that have helped you, please let us know!

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