How to approach a company in Denmark?

approach company denmark Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

You can approach a company in different ways. 

By calling a company, you can acquire more information than your competitors. Say something to the affect of:

“I am calling in regards to position X which caught my attention. I would like to ask for some more information, do you know who I should talk to?”

Generally, you should try to reach a person with as big a responsibility as possible. If it’s a small company, go for the CEO. Use the information from the vacancy to form your question, if the vacancy states that certain experience is required, you can ask the person to elaborate.

“In the vacancy I read that you are seeking someone whom has experience within X. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?”

It’s important that you’ve chosen an area relevant to your studies and experience – the point is that you are filling a need within the company.

“It sounds really interesting because with my experience from X, I would be able to maintain this area.”

Before hanging up, repeat your name, say thank you for the conversation, remind him or her that they are going to receive your application soon and that you’re looking forward to a follow-up conversation.

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