What is the best way to learn Danish?

best way to learn Danish

There are more than one way to learn Danish.

Besides the obvious reasons like joining a language course or having a Danish girlfriend/boyfriend there are some interesting ways of improving your Danish.

Regular hangout
A good way to learn Danish is by getting Danish friends. Go to a couple of places (fx. coffee bar), feel the vibe, and decide which one you like. Go there a couple of times every week, become a familiar face, get to know the regulars, and before you know it you’ll have a couple of Danish friends and a place you really like to visit.

If you need a little bit more inspiration then check out our article: Why should you sign up for activities in Denmark?.

However, and in the long run (while in DK), you may wish to invest some kroners in a basic Danish-English language learning book and eventually some good, medium vocabulary-encompassing dictionaries (e.g., Danish publisher Gyldendals Dansk-Engelsk & Engelsk-Dansk Røde Ordbøger – FYI the following Danish words: dansk for Danish, engelsk for English, røde for plural rød conjugation of red, ord for word and bøger for plural books).

Danish TV
Should you get really get keen on learning Danish you should start watching Danish TV, particularly the short commercial product announcements. These announcements (visually and voicing) will gradually and repetitively teach you Dansih words you will need in your daily life.

Buy a game
Buy a Danish Scrabble game and play it with a Danish friend of yours who likes playing board and card games. During your many in-between-game-turns conversations, your friend will pretty soon enhance your understanding of basic spelling, word meaning, and pronunciation (and the subtle differences or similarities). Also challenge your friend to an occasional English Scrabble game. In the long run, the two of you will reinforce your friendship if you are both into games and have a mutual genuine interest in enhancing your language skills – and you’ll have a fun time doing so.

A special thanks to Kurt Hansen, who felt like writing this piece with and for us. 

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