Should you buy a bike in Copenhagen?

bike in Copenhagen Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

Discovering Copenhagen on a bike is a great feeling.

Copenhagen is famous for its biking culture – it’s full of biking paths and, by biking around in the city centre, you will often save time compared to public and private transportation. Remember to take care when you are out on the streets – some taxis, buses, cars, and bicyclists drive carelessly. Bike safely and look above your shoulder when passing.

In some countries, it’s uncommon or even dangerous to bike and not everybody has bicycled before. If you want to learn how to bike, don’t practice in the city centre. In terms of buying a bike, consider looking for a used one. The police stations from time to time have bike auctions where it is possible to save a lot of money.

What about a city bike?
There are city bike stations everywhere in Copenhagen and in Frederiksberg. It’s a smart bike with a touchscreen tablet used for navigation, payment, and guiding to points of interest in Copenhagen. It cost 25 DKK per hour and requires a credit card. For more information, go here.

You return bikes at a station located in Copenhagen or Frederiksberg. For a monthly fee of 70 DKK you can buy a pass which allows you to use a city bike for six hours a month. This could be a good solution in the short term, but if you’re planning on staying in Copenhagen for a while it’s best to look into investing in your own bike. It’s a great tool for exploring the city.

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