What should you consider when making friends in Denmark?

making friends in denmark (pixabay)

You could start by taking the initiative.

There are many ways to approach the whole “I would like to make some new friends” thing when moving abroad.  Rather than write about what not to do, we’ve written some ideas that have helped us during our own international experiences.

If you are confident in your abilities in approaching and meeting new people, this article may not be helpful. However, if you think you could use some tips or tricks keep on reading!

People are heavily influenced by their culture and people around them. While we have an entire article here about the Danes, here is a quick overview of what they are like. While they may seem reserved, Danes really are not – though you must approach them. In general, Danes are not very formal, so you can speak to them in whatever way you like, remaining respectful of course. Danes are not very religious and don’t have many traditions, so they’re not easily offended.

Keep reading this article for some tips and tricks about making friends in Denmark.

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