What is the cost of living in Denmark?

cost of living in denmark

Here are some examples on cost of living in Denmark.

Copenhagen is the most expensive place
Cost of living is city-dependant. Copenhagen is by far the most expensive city to live in, followed by Aarhus and Odense. Everything is measured on a monthly scale. One euro is about 7.44 DKK.

City and neighbourhood dependent. If you have a room in central Copenhagen it can cost from 3500 – 5000 DKK, in central Aarhus from 2500 – 4000 DKK, and in central Odense you can get a room for 1500 – 3000 DKK. If you’re looking for an apartment prices are much higher.

Location dependent. If you live in an area with a lot of crime your insurance will be more costly. In general you’ll pay around 200 – 300 DKK every month.

TV licence
About 100 DKK a month. This is something everybody hates. Every household must pay it – at least if any of the residents have a device with internet access. It’s important to know that the TV licence only comes around once a year – a lump sum of approximately 1200 DKK. The purpose of the TV licence is to fund the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) so that they may provide a public service.

Mobile subscription
100 – 200 DKK; the cost depends which company you are with, but also what you would like included in your subscription.

Roughly 1200 – 2000 DKK every month. There are cheap and expensive solutions; for example, if you like to eat out a lot it will cost more.

Can be quite expensive in Denmark. A train ticket from Copenhagen – Odense cost 250 DKK without a DSB Ung kort (Wildcard). The best solution is a bike in your daily life.

A ticket for the cinema cost 80 – 130 DKK.

Dining out
49 – 200 DKK, unless you wish to experience fine dining in a classy restaurant with three courses – in this case it will be more expensive.

A beer will cost around 50 DKK in a bar, but you can get it from 5 – 15 DKK in the supermarket.

25 – 50 DKK depending on which city you’re in.

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