What is a CPR number in Denmark and how to get it?

CPR number in Denmark

You need a CPR number.

Getting a CPR number is essential when moving to Denmark; it is a civil registration number and stands for Central Person Register. You must be living in Denmark to get your CPR number; non-Nordic people must also have a registration permit.

What is a CPR number
The Danish Civil Registration was established in 1968 in order to register all people living in Denmark. People received personal identification numbers – CPR numbers. Today, the CPR number is written on a yellow insurance card and consists of a given person’s date of birth followed by four digits, making it a unique number. The municipality you live in is responsibel for assigning a CPR number to you.

Creating a bank account and visiting the doctor are two examples of when you will be asked for your CPR number. When you’re moving to another address in Denmark and have notified your municipality, you will receive a new yellow insurance card with your new address, but your CPR never changes.

How can I get a CPR number?
To get a CPR-number you must fulfill certain requirements:

  • Planning to reside in Denmark for a minimum of three months
  • Non-Nordic people must have a residence permit from the immigration authorities.

Your CPR number is provided by the local municipality; to get it you must go to the citizen service centre (“borgerservice”).

  • Odense: Østre Stationsvej 23, 5000 Odense C (city centre).
    Telephone number: +45 78 73 52 79.
  • Copenhagen:  Nyropsgade 7, 1602 København V.
    Telephone number: +45 33 66 33 66
  • Aarhus: Hack Kampmanns Pl. 2, 8000 Aarhus C.
    Telephone number: +45 89 40 22 22

You must bring the following to the citizen service centre: Passport, Danish address, papers from your home country, and a rental contract if you have one. It can take a while, so make sure you have enough time. You may want to bring a book to entertain yourself.

It’s not possible to be registered in the CPR before you have moved to Denmark. Head over to the International citizen service website here or read more about the requirements here.

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