How is the month of December in Denmark?

December and Christmas in Denmark - Picture by flickr

December is a special month.

People are thinking about Christmas way before December 1st. Danes celebrate Advent. Sometimes, the First Sunday of Advent is in November. Christmas celebrations usually begin the First Sunday of Advent when a candle is lit and gifts are given – usually by parents and/or significant others. In 2018, the First Sunday of Advent will be on December 2nd. Danes continue celebrating Advent each of the following three Sundays thereafter, leading up to Christmas eve. Baking Christmas cookies on Advent Sundays is a popular tradition for many people. “Klejner” is a very popular cookie in Denmark during the holidays.

Every city
Every city is filled with Christmas spirit – you will see decorated stores and houses, Christmas carolers, and Christmas trees. You can find someone who sells roasted almonds (brændte mandler) in every city – they smell great. Most people decorate their homes with Christmas decorations, candles, elves, and many other festive things. Children often receive an Advent Calendar from their parents with toys, chocolate, or something else.

Getting a christmas tree
Getting a Christmas tree is a tradition in many families. Oftentimes the whole family will go to a place where they sell Christmas trees and try to find the perfect one. Some will choose to cut one down themselves while others want to get one quickly and go home.

The 23rd of December
The 23rd is a special day for some people, but not all. The day is known as “Little Christmas Eve” or ‘Lillejuleaften’. For some people this evening is used to prepare for the following day and decorate the tree while others are having their first Christmas dinner of the season. Some families who cannot be all together on Christmas eve or Christmas day may use this evening to celebrate with some family members and then celebrate with others on the 24th.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate ‘Lillujuleaften’ – everyone has their own traditions and are often spending time with family and friends.

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