Where to donate/dispose your things when leaving Denmark?

donate to someone in need

Donate your things to someone in need.

One thing which sucks the most about moving is packing/getting rid of things you no longer need. You quickly realize how much you don’t need and wonder why you ever bought it in the first place. Hopefully you will have some friends that can help make this part a little easier.

Different organisations
One of the good things is that you can give your unneeded items to an organization or somebody who needs it. You can post on different Facebook sites, but donating is also a great option.

If you want to get rid of clothes, the Salvation Army is a possibility. They receive a lot of clothes and give them to people in need. You can look for stores and containers here (the site is in Danish). Red Cross is another possibility. You have the opportunity to donate clothes, shoes, and furniture in one of their many containers. They sell the items at different recycling shops and use the money for humanitarian work. You can find the containers and shops here.

You can also go to the local dump yard. It is possible to throw things out and sometimes they may keep it – We’re not sure about this at the moment, so please let us know if they do.

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