Extra advice on getting an apartment in Copenhagen?

extra advice on getting an apartment in Copenhagen Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

You must be proactive if you want an apartment.

Spread information through word of mouth. Tell people you know that you’re looking for an apartment – text your friends, write it on your Facebook wall, and be proactive! This way, your friends and acquaintances will have you in mind when they hear about rooms or apartments available in Copenhagen.

If you have a particular neighbourhood in which you’re looking for apartments, make a sign which has your name, number, and what you’re looking for written on it and hang it up at the local library, coffee bars, and different apartment doors.

On Facebook there are different groups which bring sellers and buyers together, as well as room providers and renters.  Here are some of the groups in which you can find apartment offers. They are in Danish, but do not hesitate to write in English.

The farther you get from the city centre, the easier it is to find an apartment in Copenhagen – you may want to look into neighbourhoods such as Brønshøj, Hvidore, Lyngby, Kastrup, and Ballerup. From here you can still reach the city centre within a half hour by bike or with public transportation.

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