Extra advice on getting an apartment in Odense?

extra advice on getting an apartment in Odense

Do something extra if you want an apartment. 

Use ‘word-of-mouth‘. Tell people you know that you’re looking for an apartment. Text your friends, write it on your Facebook wall, and be proactive! Then your friends and acquaintances will have you in mind when hearing about rooms or apartments available in Odense.

If you have a particular neighbourhood in which you are looking for apartments, make a sign with your name, number, and what you’re looking for on it and hang it up at the local library, café, and different apartment doors.

On Facebook there are different groups which bring sellers and buyers together, as well as room providers and renters. Here is a group, but there are others as well. They are in Danish, but do not hesitate to write in English.

How do you avoid getting cheated?
From time to time we hear terrible stories about people who have been cheated from a lot of money. The best advice is to avoid signing the contract and transferring money before getting keys to the apartment.

You may also Google the person or company before you sign the contract, partly in order to make sure the person or company actually exists, partly to read reviews to see if anyone has had negative experiences.

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