How to find an apartment in Aarhus?

apartment in Aarhus

Aarhus is a big city with many students.

The easiest way to find an apartment in Aarhus is by using Facebook groups such as the one here, inquiring with your university, or by visiting websites such as:

As an international student, you may have a limited network, but by being active, alert, and asking around, your chances of finding a room or apartment are much higher.

When should you start searching for an apartment?
The best time to start apartment searching is as soon as you start thinking about your move; in this way you can make the best possible decision to meet your needs. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a place quite soon and begin focusing on other things. Make the process as quick and effective as possible.

What else can you do?
Spread information through word of mouth. Tell people you’re looking for an apartment – text your friends, write it on your Facebook wall – be proactive! This way your friends and acquaintances will have you in mind when they hear about rooms or apartments available in Aarhus.

If you’re hoping to live in a specific neighbourhood, make a sign with your name, number, and specifics for what you want and hang it up at the local library, cafés, and even other apartment doors.

On Facebook there are different groups that bring sellers and buyers together, as well as room providers and renters. Here is a group, but there are others as well. Although they’re in Danish, don’t hesitate to write in English.


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