General information about the SU grant in Denmark?

SU grant in Denmark

The SU grant helps students in Denmark.

SU grants, or ‘Statens Uddannelsesstøtte’, is an essential for Danish students. The SU grant covers basic expenses such as accommodations and food. So, as a foreigner studying in Denmark, you must either have a job, savings, or a study grant from your own country. Having a job is highly recommended because not only does it improve your integration, it also makes you eligible for an SU grant. When you apply for SU you have to do it in minSU and fill out this form.

The SU grant rate is currently 5,753 DKK for students not living with their parents. In some cases, such as being a single parent, the rate can be higher.

As we’ve only covered the most common cases, you may want to read up on all conditions and application rules on the SU homepage. Beware, it can be quite complicated; to help you out, we’ve made a list of cases applicable to 95% of foreign applicants.

If you want to contact the SU you can send them an mail, but check out this link to see how.

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