How to get a job in Denmark?

How to find a job in Denmark? - Photo by flickr

Many ways to get a job in Denmark. 

If you’re looking for a job as a waiter or a bartender, the best way is to simply go to the café, nightclub, or restaurant with an application and CV in hand. This shows initiative and courage; even if they say no to looking for new employees you can leave it with them so it stays on file for when they might be looking.

Be proactive. If you’ve seen a job opportunity which interests you, call the company right away. It’s much harder for a possible employer to reject you on the phone than throw away your written application.

All companies are open for unsolicited applications. Emphasize why you’re a valuable asset to the company by highlighting what you can contribute to the company by way of previous experience and education in addition to bilingual skills if you have them.

Relevant experience is usually required to get a full-time job in Denmark after your studies. Sometimes this experience may be weighted more than grades, so spend some time finding a study-relevant job during your Bachelor or Master’s degree.
Here are some great links to get started with:

  • Graduateland brings young graduates together with companies.
  • At MatchMyThesis companies suggest topics of interest to businesses in order to co-work with students on theses.
  • There are also job portals like WorkInDenmark.

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