How to get to Denmark?

get to Denmark
You can go to DK using a variety of transportation methods.

If you come to Denmark by plane, you will most often go to Kastrup (Copenhagen airport), which is both the biggest and bussiest airport in Denmark. It is located close to the city center, which is most easily accessible by train.

You can also go to Billund, which is the second biggest airport in Denmark. It’s often more expensive, but if you live in Aarhus or other surrounding communities it may be the best solution. Taking the train can be quite expensive in Denmark, so have that in mind when choosing your airport.

While there are other airports in Denmark, Kastrup and Billund are by far the most used.

You can also enter Denmark by train – you will either go through Germany or Sweden. This solution is very easy, but can be quite expensive. If you go to Copenhagen, read about how the transportation works here and if you go to Odense read here.

If you enter Denmark by car, you must drive through Germany or Sweden. At both borders be prepared to be pulled over by the police – don’t worry, they are just checking to be sure everything is as it should be.

You can also enter Denmark by bike, but that isn’t a very common thing.

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