How can you benefit from living amongst Danes in Denmark?

living amongst Danes Photo by Bernadette Gatsby on Unsplash

You can benefit from living amongst Danes.

A lot of people who move to Denmark live and spend all their time with other internationals, but that is one thing we wish people did differently. It’s not that living with other internationals is a bad thing, but in terms of meeting Danes, learning the language, and discovering Danish culture, it’s not the greatest. Living with and among Danes is the best way to discover the culture. However, if you do live with internationals, or only have english speaking friends, try to get out and explore the Danish way of life.

When you live next to Danes it will also be easier to make Danish friends and it can be easier to be an integrated part of the Danish community. We have written an in-depth article about it here, so check it out if you’re having trouble or need some good reasons for why making Danish friends could be a good thing.

You can read more about it here.

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