What if you lose something in a train in Denmark?

lost and found train Denmark

You probably lost it in a DSB train.

If you lost something in a train, it was likely a DSB train. If that’s the case, you can fill out a form here and report the lost property. The link is in Danish, so get some help or use Google Translate. After you have filled in a form, DSB will look for your lost property and they will contact you as soon as they have something new.

If they find your item, they can send it to your address or you can go and get it at either:
1577 Copenhagen, Bernstorffsgade 16, Denmark or
8000 Aarhus, Banegårdspladsen 1, Denmark.

They will keep it for 7 days at which point it will be delivered to the police:
Copenhagen – Lost and found, Vanløse (tel: 38 74 88 22)
Aarhus –  Lost and found (tel: 87 31 14 03)

If you have lost a wallet with an ID in it, they will try to contact you. Remember, if you have credit cards or something that people can abuse –  block it at your bank etc.

Have lost something in the metro, you should call the relevant terminus (end station of the line you traveled by) or the central S-train information office in Copenhagen.
Phone number: +45 24 68 09 60
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10.00 – 13.00

If you have lost your bike in the train you must contact the police as DSB does not register lost bicycles.

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