What mobile subscription provider in Denmark should you choose?

mobile subscription provider in denmark

There are many mobile subscription providers in Denmark.

The four major providers
There are two groups of providers in Denmark: The first group is where you pay more and get a lot, and the second group is where you pay less and get “nothing”.

The first group are the power house companies in Denmark – they own the four networks we have here. These companies are: TDC, Telenor, 3, and Telia. TDC has the best overall coverage in Denmark, while 3 has the worst domestic coverage but the best internationally. Telenor and Telia have good customer service, coverage, and are less expensive than TDC.

The low cost providers
Low cost providers don’t have their own networks – the work off either Telia, 3, Telenor, or TDC. Though you can get quite good deals through these companies, quality of coverage is not as good. If you’re living in the cities you can get away with using a low cost provider, though it could become trickier once you move into the countryside.

Mobile subscription for charity
This is something quite different. The company Greenspeak is selling mobile subscriptions where they donate money to a charity. If you’ve bought a subscription through them, you decide which charity part of your bill will go towards. We like this idea. The only downside is the cost is slightly higher than going through a different provider.

Should I get a prepaid card instead?
Prepaid phones are no longer very popular, but there can be situations where its the best solution. Lebara is a provider that have foreign calls included, but if you’re interested in a prepaid deal, there are some pros and cons to consider:

Advantages are

  • No paperwork. You`re not signed up to a specific subscription, so there isn’t any paper work – sometimes they ask for your name and address, but that’s it. As soon as you get your card, you’re good to go.
  • You’re not obliged to pay every month and can control your own consumption. It takes a lot of discipline to have a prepaid card, but if you’re not overusing it this won’t be a problem. There can be money to save if you use it wisely.
  • International rates can be cheaper with a prepaid card – there are subscriptions which are made for this purpose. We have to note that it can vary.

Disadvantages include

  • If you’re planning to go online a lot with a prepaid card you should think twice about buying one in the first place. It can be really expensive and you’re probably better off with a subscription.
  • Price per minute within Denmark is more expensive with a prepaid card.
  • You must fill the card up yourself. If you haven’t filled the card up, you can’t use the phone.

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