How to use your network to get a job in Denmark?

Getting a job often depends on your network.

This is important if you want to get a job. If you’re new in Denmark it can be hard to have a network, and that’s why it’s important to go out, meet people, be social, and stay curious.

Use of network
Using your network might be the best way to get a new job. Many job positions are never advertised publicly because firms hire new candidates through their connections. In order to use your network, you can get in touch with people working at companies you would like to work for.
Ask them for information about the company, so that you can tailor your application in a way which fits exactly what the company is looking for. Be assertive – show that you’re looking for employment and are a valuable asset, but don’t be pushy – remember, they are doing you a favour by listening.

Be active
At the end of the conversation, you can ask if he or she knows a person within the company with whom you could speak with. After some weeks, you might have spoken to 4-5 employees in different positions in the company. this allows you to have a solid foundation when it comes to writing your application. Furthermore, you’ll be in their minds when they begin hiring new employees.

Social media
The social media LinkedIn is a nice way to increase your network. If you don’t have many connections, start by adding all the people you know. Also, you may try to connect with recruiters within your industry. In order to find relevant recruiters, use the search box.
There are many guides on how to structure your LinkedIn profile. If you have a diverse education background, find out what they have in common and outline these qualifications in your profile. In your professional headline you should write your job title and that you’re seeking employment.
Additionally, you should write a short text describing your education background and skill set. Also, touch upon how you have achieved goals in projects you’ve been engaged in throughout your studies as well as at previous jobs. Use fresh and descriptive words and sentences. Avoid clichés.

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