What are the most popular places to live in Odense?

popular places in Odense

There are several nice neighborhoods in Odense.

The harbour has become a very popular place to live in recent years. It’s close to the city and to Skibuskvarteret, which is a city within the city. Many apartment buildings have been built here, in addition to a new bridge which connects the inner city to the harbour. You can both bike and walk there – it takes about 5 minutes to bike from the harbour to the city centre.

Skibhuskvarteret is also a very popular place in Odense. The apartments here are cheap and are good quality buildings. It’s close to many stores – both niche and grocery stores. You can bike to the centre in seven minutes from Skibhuskvarteret. It takes about 25 minutes to bike to the university.

The inner city is maybe the most popular place to live, but also the most expensive. You have everything in walking distance and you can get the most out of the city as well, so if you are here alone this would be a good place to look for an apartment – unless you look at the price.

Hunderupkvarteret is also a very popular place – you’ll find pricing to reflect this. There are many luxurious houses and is known in Odense as the place where rich people live. Nonetheless, you can find affordable apartments. You will have between 5 – 10 minutes on a bike to the city centre and maybe 10 minutes to the university.

Åløkkekvarteret consists of two different neighborhoods and is close to both the city centre and harbour. It’s very cozy with well-kept houses and was founded in the beginning of the 20th century.

Dalum is located in the southwestern part of Odense and is in some ways similar to Skibuskvarteret with shops, schools, and sports activities. It is close to the city centre and Hunderupkvarteret, but it’s cheaper. You may even get lucky and find a place near the forest, which is very popular in the summer – the lake is called Skovsøen, or in terribly translated English: the forest lake. This is the place to get a good ice cream.

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