What are the most popular places to live in Aarhus?

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The city centre is not the only popular place.

Trøjborg is popular for many reasons, primarily because it’s close to the university – this is why so many young people live there. Grocery stores, shopping centres, specialty shops, the cinema, cafés, and restaurants are all found here – there’s even a local radio station! All of these make Trøjborg unique – it’s sort of like a city within a city; this also means it’s a popular spot to live so can be more expensive than other parts of town. Apartments here are generally quite small but are study friendly and, as mentioned above, close to the universities.

“Latinerkvarteret” and” åen” are both very close by as is Riis Skov (a forest). Riis Skov is a great place for people to get some breathing space from their busy lives in the city. Besides going for a nice run or walk, you can also find Den Permanente (The Permanent) here – a popular bathhouse throughout the year.

Frederiksbjerg is located in the southern part of the city close to the main station, the shopping street “Strøget”, Marselisborg forest, and “Mindeparken”. “Strøget” is the busiest place in the city with shops, restaurants, and cafés; you can get anywhere in just a few minutes.

Although Frederiksbjerg is a popular and central place, it’s surprisingly quiet. You’ll find many restaurants, cafés, and small shops on Jægergårdsgade, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays you can visit the local market near Ingersley Boulevard.

Frederiksbjerg is a local hotspot with easy-going, laid back vibes; however, it is located on the other side of the city from the university.

The city centre
The city centre is focused around “Strøget, “Latinerkvarteret” (the Latin Quarter), and Århus å (a creek through the city).

As mentioned earlier, “Strøget” is the busiest place in the city with its many shops, restaurants, and cafés.

Aarhus å is characterized by cafés, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

If you don’t mind biking for 20 minutes, there are many nice places on the outskirts of the city centre. If location is not your number one priority, living outside the city is cheaper and you may find nicer apartments.

Ø-gaderne and the Latin Quarter
Located between the different universities and the city centre, this is a very popular place for those searching for apartments. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and is similar to Frederiksbjerg.

Ø-gaderne has many shared apartments available for rent, partly due to the large number of young people who wish to live here. If you want to rent something in the city this might be the place. However, it’s more expensive than the suburbs and Trøjborg.

If you’re looking for a young and hip community, Latinerkvarteret could be for you. There are many independent coffee shops and restaurants where you can spend some time with your friends or grab a coffee and study.

Mejlgade is a street in the Latin Quarter with a creative atmosphere where you can find many independent specialty shops, yoga studios, cafés, and restaurants.

Ø-gaderne and Latinerkvarteret represent in many ways the DNA of Aarhus.

Finding apartments in the city centre is becoming increasingly difficult, so many students are choosing to move to the suburbs where they can find more spacious apartments for less money. Some of the suburbs worth mentioning are Hasle, Aarhus N, and Skejby; these neighborhoods are all quite close to the universities – 10 to 15 minutes by bike.

Living in the suburbs is different than living in the city – there will be more transportation time and your flexibility in terms of participating in activities may decrease. However, infrastructure is good in Denmark so public services are reliable.

The municipality of Aarhus is planning to build a light rail in the near future, so the suburbs may become more popular.

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