How to ‘put yourself out there’ in Denmark?

put yourself out there Photo by on Unsplash

You can make the difference.

While this may seem abstract and sound cliché, it is nevertheless true. Putting yourself out there means having a positive and open mindset, being proactive, and being ready to get out of your comfort zone – you can take a small step or a big leap!

Finding a routine and your own way to approach new situations can make it easier to approach people – remember to be authentic. If you have a hard time starting conversations, memorize a couple of standard starter questions and allow that to be built upon. It can seem awkward at first but once you start at it, you will become more comfortable and more confident. One way to do this is to go to events you enjoy so that you already have some things in common with the people there. Approach others who are alone and chat with them – it all can start with a simple comment “Wow, that was really cool. What did you think?”

One of the most exciting things about living in a foreign country is meeting locals and getting to know a new culture. Danes may seem very private, but they’re willing to talk if you are – most Danes can communicate in English. If you want to make a good impression with the locals, you can try learning their langauge – we guarantee they will appreciate the effort and help you improve. Meeting new people is also one of the few things you can’t predict beforehand in your everyday life; we find that very exciting, hopefully you will too!

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