How to recycle and sort waste in Denmark?

recycle and sort waste in Denmark

Recycle and sort waste should be made easier.

Where can I throw paper out?
One of your two bins is for paper – if you don’t have a bin already, you can order one or talk with the landlord of your apartment or your neighbours. You can put newspapers, magazines, and other similar paper products in this bin, along with small cardboard boxes. However, larger pieces of cardboard are sorted differently.

Paper bins are collected once a month rather than twice a month like waste bins; however, the paper pickup date will be the same as one of the waste collection dates.

Bulky waste
You can either order a pickup for bulky waste or take it to the recycling depot. Milk cartons and pizza boxes cannot be recycled and therefore cannot go in the bin.

Getting a lot of ads in the mailbox?
If you find your mailbox is full of useless adis, there is a simple solution to avoid this excess waste. Go to Post Nords “Reklamer Nej Tak” and fill out the information – you will receive a sticker for your mailbox which states no thanks to ads.

How can I recycle glass, cans, and bottles?
When it comes to glass, cans, and bottles there are no bins, so you must go to one of the many containers for glass that are placed around the cities or take it to the recycling depot in your city.

Some cans and plastic bottles with the pant symbol can be returned to the grocery store and you will receive money for the bottles. The pant symbol is pictured below.

recycle and sort waste in Denmark

Remember to clean the glasses, cans, and bottles before you recycle.

What about other types of waste, including plastic?
Everything else must go to the recycling depots which are located in different parts of the city that you live in.

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