How to save money on your apartment or house in Denmark?

save money apartment denmark

Heat is always a little tricky in terms of consumption since you don’t really think about it while using it. Remember to open your windows one time each day with the radiators off and heat your apartment using all the radiators rather than just one. I would suggest investing in a modern thermostat. It can adjust the heat for you at the right time and use limited heat when you are away from home. If you have a heat exchanger, you can connect an on/off switch so that you limit your heat use when you’re not home or not using your heating syste.

Water is quite expensive. You should not underestimate the amount of money you can spend if you are careless. We all need water and I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it, but wasting it is bad for both you and the environment. You can install a “saving shower” and be smart with your water use – don’t let the toilet run and use a dishwasher (if you have one) rather than hand-washing your dishes.

Electricity is also a place where you can save some money with small adjustments. When you cook, don’t heat up your hotplates too much, but keep it on the “correct” level. You can start high and go low after it starts boiling. Fill up your dishwasher. Line dry your clothes rather than using a dryer. The biggest waste of electricity in a house/apartment are standby buttons. You’re still using energy when the button is on, so pull it out of the plug. You could also consider getting energy-friendly light bulbs – they might cost you more in the shop, but it’s certainly cheaper in the long run.

Do your research
Internet and TV are two expenses which vary a lot. If you want the most popular channels and the fastest broadband it might not be cheap; keep your needs in mind and check out the different providers. It might be more beneficial to have Netflix instead of a cable package where you only use 3 out of 90 channels; besides, you can stream most of them online.

Always pay on time
Paying your bills on time is also important. No one is coming after you (they might), but it’s very expensive to pay past the due date. You can make sure your bills are paid at the right date automatically – use your Nem-ID in your bank. It takes five minutes and you never have to worry about it again. If you move anywhere else, remember to cancel it.

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