How to save money using coupons in Denmark?

save money coupons denmark

Use ‘save money coupons’ and eat out more often.

Eating out in Denmark can be expensive, but by using coupons you can often save a lot of money. Different providers exist in the Danish market; we can’t recommend one at the expense of others, but you should take a look at the different deal sites and find the best one for you.

Deal sites
Among the most popular deal sites are: Sweetdeal, Tilbud i byen, ‘Spotdeal’, and ‘Bownty’. Food is popular, but it is also possible to buy things such as package holidays in addition to many other things. Also, we recommend downloading the app R2N which provides last minute offers on restaurant visits. With this app you can locate the closest restaurant and the discount they’re offering.

When using coupons remember to print out the voucher and tell the waiter you have bought a deal when he or she is showing you your table. Sometimes you will also need to inform the restaurant of your coupon when you call to make a reservation.

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