How to save money on groceries in Denmark?

Groceries are a big expense in daily-life. 

Where to buy
There is definitely a lot of money to save on buying groceries. Picking the right places to shop such as Lidl, Rema 1000, or Netto instead of Menu, Kvickly, or Føtex can be a game changer. There can obviously be discounts at the latter three stores, but Lidl, Rema 1000, and Netto are generally cheaper.

Bring your own bag to the supermarket. Paying 2.50 DKK. is not the worst, but it adds up at the end of the year and you will be surprised by how many bags you have bought for no reason. And the times you have forgotten your own bag, try to convince me you were not bitter – just saying!

Importance of a food plan
Make food plans for a week or two. Leave some room for a bit of creativity, but having an idea for one or two weeks of food can make you shop less. You will also eat less fast-food because you will always have some food in your refrigerator. Shopping frequently isn’t a bad thing, but people often buy things impulsively which costs a lot of money in the long run. So make a list and stick to it.

Never do grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Terrible decision. Everything seems much more tempting than it really is.

Where to get discounts
There are always discounts somewhere. I know a lot of people who look for them (my grandparents) and they always seem to get things much cheaper. You can check online on the different supermarket homepages.

Check out the expiration dates on the goods. Stores always keep the newest goods in the back, so people buy the ones which are about to expire. If you buy the newest you can keep it longer and there is less risk of having to throw things out. On the other hand,many supermarkets have “last date” food on sale where you can buy it extremely cheap – either eat it on that day or freeze it.

If you are one of those people who always have extra vegetables, meat, rice, etc. at the end of the week, you can download the Danish app “For resten”. It’s a great concept where you type in your leftovers and it will come up with a nice recipe. It can make it a little more exciting to have extra broccoli, carrots, etc.

Cook for more days
Making more food than you can eat can also be a good thing. Everybody knows the feeling of being too tired or lazy to cook. If you have nothing in your refrigerator you will probably buy some fast-food, but if you cook a large portion once in a while and put the rest in your freezer there will be food for the tired and lazy days.

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