How to save money on transportation in Denmark?

transportation in Denmark

Transportation can be expensive in Denmark.

Public transportation can be quite expensive in Denmark. If you are taking the train I would recommend looking for discount tickets called “Orange billetter”, because they are cheaper. If you are 26 years of age or younger or you are studying, you can get a DSB Ung Kort – with this card you will already have saved money after buying your second ticket. If you’re planning to take the bus, you can ride the city bus for free instead of the regular bus. You can read more about it here.

Private transportation
If you need a ride, the big thing right now is Uber. It’s much cheaper than a regular taxi and is quite popular, but I am not sure if it’s legal in Denmark. If you are planning to go from city to city, such as Odense to Copenhagen, Gomore would be a good solution. People use it often and it’s cheaper than taking the train. You can find more information on Gomore here.

Having your own car
If you have a car there are obviously many additional expenses which come with it, but you can save some money on gas. It is always cheaper in the morning before 9, and Tuesday is a good day to fill up the tank. You can download the Danish app ‘FDM benzinpriser‘ to see where the cheapest gas can be purchased. Filling up on weekends or on the highway is a bad solution, because it’s much more expensive.

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