How is public transportation in Aarhus?

transportation in Aarhus - Photo by colourbox

You can use transportation in Aarhus with ease.

Because Aarhus is so bike friendly, the best option for getting around is by bike. However, if you’re not the biking type you can rest easy – Aarhus has great public infrastructure. There are many city buses that can bring you back and forth. Remember, you must have a travel card – you can put money on your travel card online. The main station is located on Park Allé. If you wish to travel further out of the city, you must go to the old bus station, which is located nearby.

There’s a new light rail track. It goes from the main station to Djursland, which is a suburb. In addition to improving travel flexibility, the new rail track improves popularity of and accessibility to the suburbs.

Traffic can be quite heavy inside the city, especially around the harbour and inner city – never drive between 7.30 and 8.30 or between 15.00 and 17.00 as you will spend a lot of time in queues.

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