How is public transportation in Copenhagen?

public transportation in Copenhagen - Photo by colourbox

Transportation in Copenhagen is spot on.

Copenhagen is split into zones. To get around the city centre you must have a two zone ticket – it’s not possible to buy just one zone – which costs 24 DKK (3 euros). If you travel out of the city centre, you must have at least three zones. The number of zones depends on how far you are planning to travel.

At every station you can find a map of traveling zones, but it can be complicated to understand. It’s much easier to use the app ‘Mobilbilleter’. You can type in your destination and the required number of zones will be shown,and you can buy your ticket directly through them.
The app remembers your card details and after using it once you’ll only need to type in a selected password in order to complete future purchases.

Remember, you should also download the app ‘Rejseplanen‘. It will be very helpful in guiding you to your destination.

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