What is a travel card in Denmark?

It’s a smart thing to buy a travel card.

Buying a travel card – rejsekort – allows you to travel quite cheaply by bus and train. One of the many benefits of investing in this card is that you don’t need to think about buying tickets when trying to catch the bus or train. It’s much more expensive to buy a single ticket each time you travel.

There are three types of travel cards: Rejsekort PersonalRejsekort Flex and Rejsekort Anonymous. Rejsekort Personal and Rejsekort Flex are mainly for people who live permanently in Denmark or are going to live here for a long time.

People who are non-residents of Denmark have access to Rejsekort Personal and Rejsekort Flex, but should consider Rejsekort Anonymous which can be ordered here. The Rejsekort Anonymous does not require an address or any personal details. For more information about the Rejsekort, go here.

If you’re thinking about taking the train, check this out: “10 tips on traveling by train” from Erasmus.

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