Your contribution matters

Finding your way in a new country can be confusing, tiring, and downright difficult. We want to provide the best, most relevant information to help make things easier. While we have our own experiences, ideas, and thoughts, we certainly don’t know everything. This is why we need you. You can fill in the gaps we’ve left open – you can make a difference for people as they settle down in Denmark. To assure information is as relevant as possible, we ask that contributors:

Are “local”:

  • This doesn’t mean you must be a Danish citizen. If you have lived in Denmark for more than three months and have experienced Danish culture, we consider you to be local.

Are coming with a positive and constructive outlook:

  • We want Movingto to always be improving so we can continue helping others, so we ask that all experiences, whether good or bad, are shared in a constructive way.

Are honest:

  • Providing relevant information means being open to our readers so they go into situations with their eyes open, therefore we ask you to be open and truthful.

Some people find it easy to contribute, while others find it more difficult. We don’t want to limit people and their imagination, so you can contribute as you see fit, but here are some suggestions:

Do you have an experience you’d like to share – good or bad?

  • Write in the comments or send us an email. You can write an article, we can address it as a tip, write our own article based on your idea, or we could interview you.

Are you creative?

  • We make videos to illustrate and explain things in a different way. Does this sound like something for you? Make a video about a practical, study, work, or cultural related topic and we’ll share it.

Hobby photographer?

  • Our website is just as visual as it is simple and user-friendly. Pictures are key for our articles, so if you have some photos which you think could look good on our website, write us. We will credit you in the articles. .

To contribute to movingto, contact us at or go to our facebook here.